About KPSA

Communication and harmonization among 35 pharmacy universities,

Korean Pharmacy Students Association


28기 협회장 김용현
Yong-Hyun Kim
28th President of KPSA
전약협 로고

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen!

I’m Yong-hyun Kim, President of the 28th Korea Pharmacy Students’ Association (hereinafter KPSA), which is affiliated with 7,000 college of pharmacy students in Korea.

Central Management Committees and Executive Committees are struggling hard for achieving our goals, which are to make networks in all pharmaceutical areas for our members, harmonization, to advocate all 7,000 members’ rights. In addition, we are creating more great opportunities to our members either internal&external ways. Not only for achieving our goals, but also to make our members more developed in their profession. (e.g. KPSA organize forums, symposiums, and medicine awareness campaign, etc.)

n addition, we are working hard to protect the educational surroundings of pharmaceutical students, the rights, and the future development of pharmacists to advance healthcare.
Currently, the College of Pharmacy is making a leap forward for the development of pharmacists' professions through six-year curriculum transition. But there are still many things to solve. In order to settle 6-year pharmacy students’ in our nation, a lot of innovations are needed. Such as curriculums of pharmacy students, improvement of pharmacists' images in our society, advocating our members right in Pharmacy education areas.

The KPSA central management committee, composed of the student president of 35 Pharmacy faculties, is always aware of the current situation of pharmacy students and discussing about our ways for future profession of pharmaceutical areas.

KPSA also promise to our members, for now and for the future also will continue to struggle for advocating all our members rights, and developing our profession.

We will listen to more voices of KPSA members, to make a step forward to our members right and our future profession.

Communication and harmonization among 35 pharmacy universities, KPSA!
Thank you for your support and interest.

Best Regards,